National Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan

Shortly about us

The national Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan (NABA Uz) is the public organisation uniting on a voluntary basis certificated accountants and auditors. Tne purpose of NABA Uz is assistance in protection of the rights and advancement of interests of professional bookkeepers and auditors by carrying out of educational programs and courses of improvement of qualification, rendering of consulting services, for the purpose of achievement of the status of members of Association of the international level.
Main objectives and problems

    * Development of trades of the bookkeeper and the auditor in Republic of Uzbekistan and approach of their qualifications to the international standards answering to criteria of membership in the International Federation of accountants (IFAC)
    * Active participation in carrying out of market reforms in Uzbekistan
    * Participation in working out of standard documents in the field of book keeping and audit and representation of offers on their perfection
    * Working out of the qualifying requirements shown to bookkeepers and auditors, and carrying out of certified examinations according to IFAC requirements
    * the Control over observance of the Code of ethics of the certificated bookkeepers and auditors
    * the Organization of regional, republican and international seminars, conferences, symposiums with a view of book keeping and audit development
    * Assistance in rendering of the methodical, advisory both information help to bookkeepers and auditors for the purpose of maintenance of their professional protection
    * the Establishment of communications and cooperation with the international professional organisations of bookkeepers and auditors for the purpose of achievement of the international recognition

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